About us

Europalbox is a Romanian company whose main activities are the production of:


as well as the collection and repair of used pallets and their reintroduction into the economic circuit.

The company has 40 employees who, thanks to the experience and qualification in the field, as well as the performance machines used, manage to produce europallets that meet both the demands of the Romanian market and the external partners with whom we collaborate.

We also own our own car park consisting of 10 trucks of large tonnage ensuring the transport of europallets, non-euro pallets and box pallets to the beneficiary, so that we can deliver pallets and box pallets at any point desired by the customer within 24 hours of receiving the order. Our contacts with various European partners ensure that we can honor orders on time.

OUR OFFER OF EUROPALETTS, BOXPALETTS AND NON EURO  PALLETS is very varied, in this sense we can offer you a wide range of metal pallets, wood and plastic europallets used in various fields of activity. We can also offer the option of renting europallets, non euro pallets or metal box pallets, repairing pallets and exchanging europallets between them.

We buy both wooden europallets and metal pallets in any quantity. The Europallets purchased may be new or defective, and the metal pallets may be worn or in good condition. We also purchase all assortments of non-euro pallets and pallets used in industry

The company has a large portfolio of europallets and box pallets. We honor orders for any type of wooden europallets and metal box pallets, thus satisfying the requirements of all customers.

We have a wide range of used pallets, europallets and box pallets consisting of wooden pallets and metal box pallets, as well as other types of pallets and atypical box pallets.
All these products are delivered on order.