Used Euro Pallets

Used / used pallets are a cheaper version of pallets, which can be reused several times for proper handling and storage.

Collection, sorting and repair of used / used europallets is made to meet the requirements of customers both in terms of quality and prices.

a) White pallets, used horse.I-a: These are white euro pallets, which have been used very little.
b) Intermediate pallets, used cal.II-a: These are Euro pallets that have been used very little, but their color is not white anymore.
c) Black pallets, used cal. III: They are euro pallets with several uses, they are dark in color, but they can still be used.

Wooden frames for pallets

Folding frames / collars (“pallet collars”) for pallet wood is an easy-to-use packaging component for making different boxes for storing or transporting bulk, friable or bulky products because they stabilize the load.

They are very durable, they help to optimize the storage space, when they are not used, they can be stored on a small surface and used correctly resist many years of use.

Industrial pallets

The industrial pallets have the component similar to the standard pallets but with dimensions determined by the client’s requirements, within the limits of the admissions of the means of transport.

The pallets are executed for a weight resulting from that of the product to be transported.

Execution of softwoods.

Industrial pallets are intended for the storage and / or transport of industrial products with dimensions and weights that exceed the characteristics of standardized EUR pallets.

Below you will find the 3 most popular types of industrial pallets.

a) Industrial pallets 1000×1200
Size: 1000 × 1200
Certification: UIC 435-2 / EUR 3. ISPM 15
Capacity: 1500 kg

b) Industrial pallets 1200×1000
Size: 1200 × 1000
Certification: UIC 435-2 / EUR 2. ISPM 15
Capacity: 1500 kg

c) Industrial pallets 1200×1200
Size: 1200 × 1000
Certification: UIC 435-2 / EUR 2. ISPM 15
Capacity: 1250 kg