Used Euro Pallets

Used Euro Pallets


Standards: UIC, EPAL, IPPC ISPM15

Material: Softwood wood

Dimensions: 1200 x 800 x 144 mm

Condition: Used


Used / used pallets are a cheaper version of pallets, which can be reused several times for proper handling and storage.

Collection, sorting and repair of used / used europallets is made to meet the requirements of customers both in terms of quality and prices.

a) White pallets, used horse.I-a: These are white euro pallets, which have been used very little.
b) Intermediate pallets, used cal.II-a: These are Euro pallets that have been used very little, but their color is not white anymore.
c) Black pallets, used cal. III: They are euro pallets with several uses, they are dark in color, but they can still be used.